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Welcome to Bistro India Edmontion!

Have you experienced all flavors of Indian Cuisine?

Liven your senses through a culinary journey of South India. Voted one of the best Indian restaurants in Edmonton, Bistro India serves mouthwatering seafood and other creations unique to Southern India’s coastal region. We also offer an authentic Masala Dosa menu, in keeping with our mission to offer Edmontonians a venture into South Indian Cuisine.

We are Edmonton’s first South Indian Restaurant and Bistro and are located in downtown’s Oliver Square district. We look forward to serving you our tantalizing creations.

South Indian and Indo-fusion flavors is our passion. The Saunder clan hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu but have lived in Edmonton for over thirty years and are proud contributors to the Edmonton small business community. Introducing South Indian cuisine to the Edmonton culinary scene has been a mission of ours for years. Though Edmonton has a vast array of Indian restaurants primarily serving North Indian dishes, often termed the 'Mughal' style of cooking, we are excited to open the first truly authentic South Indian restaurant in Edmonton. Bistro India's menu hails from the four Southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka, in India. We serve both Southern vegetarian classics such as Idli & vada and seafood delights, only seen in India's Southern coastal states. massa.

Though Indian cooking is well known for its sohpisticated and subtle use of spices, herbs and flavorings, Southern cooking is spicier, more rice and seafood-based and uses unique ingredients like coconut, drumsticks, urad daal, tamarind, curry leaves, hing and byadagi chillies.